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The work day ended after lunch for me today, delightfully, so desiringsubject and I took advantage of the hotel's sauna (mmmmmmmmm, sauna!) and then headed over to Old San Juan for dinner. I was able to relocate the dress shop, though I didn't buy anyone's dresses, yet. I did write down your orders, though, and promised the shopkeeper that I'd be back.

We had a very tasty dinner (I need to learn to make mofongo) and ice cream and also stumbled upon a candlemas ritual, which involved fire. I took a picture with my phone, but I seem not to be able to send pictures from here, so you'll all have to wait for my candlemas post when I'm back on the mainland, by which time it will really not be candlemas, but there will still be a picture of fire. Also, possibly other pictures, too, if the island happens to be beautiful as I'm wandering around.

Have I mentioned I love saunas? Also, heat in general. I've been having trouble with the cold in Boston this winter, just not adjusting at all, so I've been bundling up more than usual and still feeling generally chilled, and while this trip won't help with the adjustment, it is making me happy, at least when I'm not in the meeting rooms.

And tomorrow, the meetings finish and the vacationy part of the trip starts! Rock!!
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