ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Grad school!

Now that my crazy January is over (it was so crazy, it had to take up part of February), I'm back on track for my grad school applications. I'm in that state where it's a bunch of gathering annoying little details -- transcripts, resume, etc -- and working on interesting pieces that are easy to put off -- personal statements, practicing for the MAT -- so I may go so far as to write myself a timeline with, geez, goals for getting each thing done. And maybe rewards once I've done so.

My earliest deadline is April 30 (yes, really. I know that's late), but UMB says that if I get my materials in by April 15, I can be considered for a graduate assistantship, which I'm certain would be a good thing, so my goal is to be done by then. Hm, April 15. Isn't that an important date for some other big paperwork thingy, too?

I've been kind of in a holding pattern thinking about all this, but as I said to kcatalyst the other night, looking at the programs' web pages would probably reinvigorate me, and that's true. I take that as a sign I'm looking at a couple of programs that are, in fact, right for me.
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