ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

things that make me happy: lj confessional edition

This is going to be an altogether sappy post, and it's not even because of the two delicious white peppermint martinis I had with dinner. Don't want sap? Move along.

I had no idea how much secretive warmth my friends list (and strangers who got pointed to the confessional post) had hiding under the surface. We spend so much time focusing on the negative, the things we don't like in our day-to-day lives and in the people we encounter, so it's rare to see such an outpouring of positive commentary about the people in the larger social circle. I know not everyone got mentioned by name, but I know lots of people are crush objects who didn't get listed. At one point, I tried to make a list of recommended crushes, but I decided it would be easier simply to point to my friends list. And possibly the one step out friends list, because, really, there are a whole lot of incredibly awesome people out there, and it's such a great world that has you all around and about.

Every time a new comment notification comes into my inbox and has some sweet thing to say about someone I know or someone I don't, it gives me warm fuzzies. It's completely great.

Also, frankly, y'all are insane. Between the two threads, there are almost 500 comments. That's a lot of warm fuzzies!

Okay, sure, some of the comments are more pensive and less warm-fuzzy, but that's good, too. In fact, I have several thoughts rumbling around, now, that will likely turn into posts in the next few weeks, and that's almost always interesting.

But keep saying good things about each other! Not just in the crush threads, but in general. One of my current projects is to be more vocal about the things I like about people, and about the simple fact of liking people! I like to give compliments, and I like to focus on the wonderfulness and quirks of people around me. It's great. Of course, I'm entirely spoiled, in that it's nearly effortless to say good things about my friends.

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