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two thoughts on relationships

From Tales of Love by Julia Kristeva

It isn't the denotation but the connotation that gets in the way. What symbols does a thing connote? What images does the word "love" connote? The connotation and images depend on who you ask, and when, and where, and who you are to that person, and who you have been, and... Some people think that can be overcome, and this is, I'd say, "our vulnerable hall of mirrors". But how long can the "lexicon of...misunderstandings" be before it bears too heavily? "What does he understand me to be saying? What do I understand him to be saying? Everything? -- as one tends to believe in these moments of merging apotheoses, as total as they are unspeakable? Or nothing?"

by Marge Piercy

Being together is knowing
even if what we know
is that we cannot really be together
caught in the teeth of the machinery

A clear umbilicus
goes out invisibly between,
thread we spin fluid and finer than hair
but strong enough to hang a bridge on

That bridge will be there
a blacklight rainbow arching out of your skull
whenever you need
whenever you can open your eyes and want
to walk upon it

Nobody can live on a bridge
or plant potatoes
but it is fine for comings and goings,
meetings, partings and long views
and a real connection to someplace else
where you may
in the crazy weathers of struggle
now and again want to be.

(Is it weird that I find these comforting and sweet?)
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