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soap notes

In fall of 2005, razil and I made 4 batches of soap, using this recipe:
25% palm
25% coconut
30% olive
15% X, where X = some "luxury" type oil, in this case, one batch each of: Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Hazelnut, Wheatgerm

All of that soap has been sold.

Today, we revamped that recipe (because at first we couldn't find our notes, not because there was a problem with those soaps) to:
20% palm
20% coconut
40% olive
20% X

This will probably make a very slightly softer and less drying soap than the earlier recipe, but still be sudsy and not so soft that it disappears simply looking at water the way the really luxuriously soft and moist casssa soap, which took three years to cure to hardness enough to use but is my absolute favorite of the soaps we've made.
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