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Fridge day

Today is, in theory, fridge day. Since little has gone as smoothly as originally planned with this move, I will not be surprised if it doesn't arrive today, but, then, it's unlikely I'll be home until Sunday, anyway, so a day or two won't be too big a deal for me. Melissa and Bekah might feel differently, however.

Decorating is coming along swimmingly, but I'm not allowed to spend any more money until my next credit card cycle. This is only complicated because I have a shopping cart full of bday gifts for Shayde that I'd like to check out, and probably will, thereby breaking my rule, but surely it's different if it involves buying something for someone else? It's my rule, so I guess I get to decide :)

The RCN situation continues to annoy me. Teddywolf has been kind enough to offer to help me get set up with ATT, but I'm not sure if that, ultimately, would be more of a hassle, since it would involve some shifting of things. I think I'll see what the story is at the end of the week. Again, the fact that I'll be out of the house most of the weekend helps, and, really, I won't be spending much time at home until the weekend of the 20th, anyway...

I'm further unimpressed with Bob, the management guy, who just called to say that the fridge is on the way, but he doesn't know exactly when it will be delivered, and he can't be there for the delivery, is anyone at home to let them in. Isn't that his job? Hmph.

The apartment, all in all, is beautiful. I'm excited to be in a place where I'll be happy to have people over for dinner and such. I've found great curtains for my room, and it just has a great feel. All the minor annoyances are just that: minor annoyances. Overall, I'm extremely pleased.

Yay! Perspective.

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