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I feel fucking awesome. After a few weeks of challenging workouts and not managing to run as long as I wanted, I read something over the weekend that reminded me of the obvious: Getting too tired too early and have to stop? Maybe you should try slowing down. And shazzam! I hit my next training goal without breaking a sweat (though maybe the 20 degree weather helped with that) and feel awesome. So I'm a slow runner. Big deal.

I'm signed up for the ras na heireann 5K around Davis Square next month, which is entirely doable. I'm psyched.

Some crazy people have been whispering the suggestion of Bay to Breakers to me. I don't think I can be ready to run it by May, but I could easily enough plan to walk/run it. Perhaps more realistic would be to consider the Bridge to Bridge run at the end of September if I want to run a race in SF. Or, in crazy talk, I could look for local races. Pfah!

Racing aside, I'm still really enjoying running, from the running itself to the setting and achieving of goals to the ... everything! I find that even on days that I don't hit my goal for that day or when it feels hard and discouraging, I feel awesome for getting outside and doing it. (Running on the treadmill when the weather sucks is a pale, pale substitute.)

My current fantasy: I can talk the fancy shmancy gym with the awesome sauna to sell me a "wet area" membership only, so I can sauna after I run. Heh. Dream on, me.
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