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When I turned 30 last summer, I made a big list of the things I wanted to do in the next year. Many of them were small; all of them were personal. Some of them were things I've been meaning to do for a long time and hadn't gotten to, yet, and turning 30 seemed like a good reason to kick them up towards the top of the stack. In some, I've been quite successful, while others have eluded me. Fortunately, there's more time. I will vent my frustration by talking about what feels like my biggest current success from That List:

The tattoo was a big one. And it worked out incredibly serendipitously:

Years ago, I asked suspects for suggestions for a tattoo artist, and I got a whole slew of recommendations for Jennifer Moore, then in New Hampshire, now in Portland. So, I put her name in deep storage for use when it came time to go for it. And it's been there for all this time, waiting for me to have a pattern I wanted. And when that pattern emerged last summer, I figured I would combine my tattoo trip with a visit to razil and blivious, since I need more excuses to visit them. (*cough* As if the lobsters and sushi and awesome child weren't enough!)

So, back in January sometime, we agreed I'd visit them the weekend of Feb 16, and I figured, "Oh, I'd better call about the tattoo!" Then I thought, "Hmm, this might be kind of late notice. I'm a little embarrassed to be calling for an appointment then if she's booking way out. But I should call just in case!" So, naturally, I put it off for another three weeks, thereby entirely not alleviating my concern about being a tool for calling on short notice and hoping to get a tattoo the next monthweek. Obviously, though, I would have to talk to her about my ideas, and even if I couldn't get in that visit, at least I'd get the ball rolling.

Which meant that by the time I was actually calling, it was a week before I was going to be in town and hoping to get a tattoo. Doofy! And, sadly, she wasn't in the first day I called, so I had to call back the next day, which was the Friday before my visit. So I obviously knew that it was pretty unlikely that it would work out, right? Right. So I girded my loins and called, and I explained what I wanted and that I'd be in town, etc, and she said, "Okay, I'm booking into May... but you should come by with your images and we can talk about what you want."

Disappointed, but not surprised, I asked when would be good. She suggested I come in on Saturday afternoon, and I asked if Friday might also work, in case I caught an early bus... She paused. "What time Friday?" she asked. "I just had someone cancel for that time this morning, so we could conceivably do your tatoo on Friday."

"What time do I need to be there?" was the only possible response.

So, if I'd called responsibly early, she wouldn't have had the time for me until much later this spring. And if I'd caught her the day before, ditto. But instead, I got an appointment with a week's notice, in perfect timing for me. It was definitely one of those moments where I felt like it was "meant to be", even though I don't buy into that. But it was a nice touch for the tattoo.
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