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Those married people

I've always thought of myself as someone who doesn't really have a "type", although I certainly have people who are my "not type". Looking at my dating history, however, and the relatively short list of people with whom I'd like to get something going, would indicate that I do, in fact, have a type. And my type is: Married people who live in the suburbs.

This is strange to me. It could be seen as an aversion to heavy-duty committment. This way I can have pretty serious relationships, which is certainly where I lean, with a lot of that Relationship Pressure removed from the picture. Of course, I haven't been in a long-lasting r'ship with a non-married person, so I may well be imagining a Relationship Pressure that isn't there? Who knows.

I have no complaints about my relationship history, nor my relationship present, or, at least, very few. One of my favorite things about being poly is that I get all the benefits of being in a relationship, and all the benefits of being single. That's not always been the case, certainly, but I'm in this great place where I have a steady relationship in which I feel totally secure, and I get regular dates, and I also have the time and space to be doing my own thing a lot of the time, too.

Although I always say I think I could be as happy being monogamous as being poly, it's currently really hard for me to imagine that I'd be as content/fulfilled. And that's just as well, since all my current involvements/interests are married people living in the suburbs.

Go figure.

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