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ruthless compassion

Blind Dance #2

Today was my second blindfolded dance, again at the Dance Complex, which is really amazingly great. Only two people turned up, which was smaller than I'd hoped, but more than I thought might make it, and, really, if it had been only one (or, for that matter, only me!) it would have been fine, since, hey, a big empty room and music? Yeah, I can come up with something to do there.

I feel like I did a better job about being clear about what dancers could expect (in part because I was clearer about it!) and what my role was. I also had a clearer image of how the two hours would be spent: 10 minutes of hanging out and chatting, 50 minutes of dancing, then a 5-10 minut break and another 40 minutes of dancing, then 10 of wrap-up. This worked well, and I think I'll aim for that again in the future.

I spotted the first half and danced the second half. It was really nice to get a chance to do both. I'm a little surprised how much I enjoy spotting; it's neat to see how people use the space when they can't see, how they interact, and to dance a little bit in that context.

Since I didn't get a chance to dance last time, this is the first time I've danced blindfolded since last fall at Twilight Covening, and this was both similar and different. I liked it. More on that later, perhaps.

Last time, I promised myself that I would have the music for this one all selected and arranged well before the dance. This gave me the opportunity to laugh at myself as I sat down at noon to figure out the arrangement. But it, like the rest, was better than last time, too!

So, yeah, overall, I feel like it was a big success, and I learned things from last time, and I have a better idea about it all for myself and as an organizer.

Future dates: I'm thinking about aiming for April 8 or 15 (both Sundays) for the next one. Folks who hope to make it should let me know if one of those is better than the other.
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