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blind dance music

This is a question for people who have been to one of my blind dances or another blind dance or who have opinions about music or who just have opinions that apply to the question:

One of my biggest challenges for the blind dances is coming up with the music, especially because, as rule30 commented to me the other day, it's not that I'm not used to shaping people's experiences of an event, but that I'm not used to doing so through music. So this is an interesting element for me.

I have been avoiding music with lyrics, and I wonder if people agree that that's the way to go? I've also been trying to have pieces that are on the longer side, though yesterday one of the pieces in the set I danced was just over 3 minutes, and that didn't seem excessively short, so that's a useful data point. I also started out with kind of "new agey" feeling stuff, but yesterday I mixed in a bit of (slightly) thumpier, jazzier, more modern sounding songs, and those seemed to work well, too.

So, thoughts on music? In particular: lyrics or no lyrics? What about lyrics in a foreign language or non-lyric-y vocals? Tempo: should it be fast, slow, varied? Length of songs: longer? shorter? mixed? Style? Other opinions?

Also, thanks to spike, redjo and fennel for providing me with a bunch of tracks to play with -- I owe each of you a run-down on my reactions at some point soon. Other folks: if you have music you think might be good for this, I'm all ears!
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