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I've been thinking a bit about names recently, and this evening, a bit more about pet names and endearments. I'm not much of a pet name type person, from the giving end, anyway. I'm perfectly happy for people to use pet names or endearments to refer to me :)

Anyway, I don't tend to use endearments, so I'm always a little surprised when they slip out. And the reason I'm thinking about this, of course, is that one slipped out tonight after dinner as I was saying good night to the Hawke clan, and I called Aubrey "honeypie", which Boudicca then picked up and called ME that. So I was doubly aware of having said it.

So I was thinking about endearments on the walk home, and about when I use them, and I realized that I only tend to use them, either in my thinking or, occassionally, in speech, in reference to nonverbal beings. Ie, pets and babies. I don't know why. And I feel like I should have some dramatic insight about this, now, but mostly I'm just left going, "huh. isn't that funny?"

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