ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Ras na hEireann

With running these days, I'm like the newly converted -- I can't stop squeeing about my newfound love.

laurenhat and I stood around for about 5 minutes at the start, where we ran into my uncle's friend Steve and chatted a bit. It was cold, but nice -- my preferred running conditions, for sure. Shortly after we crossed the starting line, we saw moominmolly and dilletante, running the wrong way. They gave up fighting the crowd and caught up with us soon after, and the four of us ran together, with some leapfrogging, for the first a-little-more-than-half.

I was a bit behind in my training plan, which means that this was my first time running a full 5k. If I'd been totally on track, I'd've already run that distance a couple of times. But! I'm kind of glad I hadn't! This was a much more climactic way to reach one of my milestones.

I'd been wondering if running a race would really be worth all the hassle, and it really was. It was totally different running with a whole crowd of people and with spectators and cheerers and not having to worry about cars!

Plus, I feel wicked awesome. I totally ran 5k!!

[Edited to add: My official time is 37:48, for a 12:10/mile -- faster than my typical training run by about :20/mile. AWESOME!]
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