ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Due to more or less not sleeping last night, I'm more or less worthless for work today, which is unfortunate, since I'm getting ready for a busy work trip. On the bright side, most of today's tasks have been organizational rather than analytical. I took a nap from 11-1 that only served to make me more groggy than I'd been when I started it. Though perhaps slightly better rested, so it might have been a win.

But! There's a definite up-side to today! I finally girded my loins and contacted one of my old professors from college -- the one who I would call "my professor", even though I worked with many, obviously -- about writing me a recommendation for grad school. I'd been kind of putting that off because I haven't talked to him in almost 9 years and I felt kind of silly about it, and how do you approach that sort of thing and what if he doesn't remember me enough to write for me and etc, etc?

He wrote me back within 30 minutes to say he'd be "delighted to write on [my] behalf" and we should find some time for me to catch him up on what I've been doing. YAY!

Dear self: don't put things off, silly.
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