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What a delightful evening/morning!

After much schedule shuffling, I did manage to get myself to the Thursday contra in Cambridge last night, after mew had mentioned that the band and caller would be particularly good. It's been roughly a year and a half since I did any contra dancing, if I'm remembering right, and it was terrific! I didn't forget how to dance, I didn't fall, and I had a really great time!

The only tough part is that I have no good dancing shoes. I used to have a pair of sandals that were perfectly comfy AND just the right mix of grippy/slippy. So I ended up with a couple of blisters by the end of the evening, since I'm so fucking blister-prone. All in all, a small price to pay. In other foot news, though, if I'm going to do a lot of dancing this spring/summer, I may actually have to get my doctor to do something about the plantar wort on the ball of my left foot. It's extremely painful, but I can ignore it when walking, etc, but it was pretty annoying while dancing.

I got home around 11:45, showered, wound down, and went to sleep at 12:30 or so. I slept EXTREMELY well, no surprise, and didn't hear a thing this morning of roommates banging around, so when I woke up, between the silence and the grey day, I thought it was around 7:30. I thought to myself, "Gosh, I feel ready to get up, but I also want to take advantage of being able to sleep in!" Then I looked at the clock and found that it was 10:00! Okay, then :)

It's snowy out! And the day is grey. Really perfect for a low-key day here at home. I'm in heaven :)

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