ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

a difficult time

I am unspeakably out of sorts. Which means that as soon as I finish writing this complainy post, I should go to sleep. And will! In my very own bed, where I get to spend the next ... gosh, it looks like several weeks of nights. That's something yay, which is nice, since I'm mostly bleh.

Things that are awesome:
1. Getting to see kcatalyst for five days in a row, then not for four days, and then again for three bonus days! This is a mixed awesome thing, because I have no idea when it might happen again, but it was like a glimpse at seeing how it would be if she were local. Answer: awesome.
2. Our cat. She is freaky but sweet.
3. My brother. He just is.

Things that bite:
1. Missing.
2. Fretting.
3. Complaining. So I'll stop.

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