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This week, I had a hand in changing the world:

Last week, on my work blog, I posted this about a Discovery Channel job ad looking for male engineers. I was cranky.

In preparation for WAM, my boss and I put the ad into a new project we're putting together to pilot at WAM -- a media action board, where people can post examples like this and who to complain to about them, to make it easy for people to take action.

While going through our example of the board, one of the women in our session said, "Wait, this is a real ad? I know [someone high up at Discovery] and she's an ardent feminist, and I can't believe she would be okay with this! I'm going to email her tomorrow!!"

The result? The Discovery Channel is Not Happy. Pat blogged about it yesterday here.

The whole thing is still peevey, but I feel good to have had a hand in ruffling some feathers at the Discovery Channel about it!
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