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Blind dance #3

I feel like I'm getting the hang of these, bit by bit. I had more variety in the music this time, which seemed to be a good thing from most folks' perspectives, and I certainly had fun during the half that I was dancing. Thanks to dancingwolfgrrl for spotting so I could dance!

As I said to people today, I'll keep organizing these as long as people keep expressing interest and attending them. I'm going to shoot for the next one to be during the one weekend in May that I know I'll be in town, which will be May 12-13, so stay tuned for details once I have a studio.

For folks who wanted to know today's playlist, it's here,

First half:
4 huytfi dbl plus - Shriekback
Passion Dance - Jon Gregory
Wing-Stock - Ashley MacIsaac
Harem - The R.E.G. Project
Tantra Flow - KarmaCosmic
bossa per due (thievery corporation remix) - nicola conte
Camber Sands - Cex
Vivid - Theivery Corporation
Taiko Drums Track 8-1 - Kodo Heartbeat Drummers
House Of Tom Bombadil - Nickel Creek
Mirage - Aradia

Second half:
Drum Trip - Rusted Root
Martin Wynne's #2/Trip To Skye -The Irish Experience
Tabla Rise - Blood And Fire
Sex Elevator Music - Thievery Corporation
Massive Custard - Shriekback
Temple Flute - Riccardo Eberspacher
Saltarello - Dead Can Dance
Infinite Tamboura - Rusted Root
Rise - Safri Duo
slopehaarvist - Stic Basin
Metamorphosis - Delerium
Cream - Blank And Jones

Incidentally, I remain entirely open to ideas and suggestions for music for these. Next time, I think I'm going to mix in a couple with lyrics to see if that works.
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