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I like swing dancing!!

Not that this is a surprise, but I have to admit that I was a little nervous about doing a type of dancing that has a leader and a follower. Most of my leader/follower dance experience is in the form of junior high gym class dance lessons on the waltz, the box step, etc, which, shockingly enough, weren't that much fun. I've done a bit of leader/follower dancing since then, but I don't do well when my leader doesn't lead, because then I try to take over and it just gets ugly.

dbang, happily, is a solid leader who had me twirling around like mad within the first few minutes of the lesson portion of the evening. Great fun! I wore my twirliest skirt, which was also fun. I need more twirly skirts. My main complaint about the dance is that the person doing the music played maybe 25% swing music, which struck me as, well, odd, given that it was the montly saturday night SWING dance. There was lots of latin music, and a bit of country, and while I like variety, I was there to try SWING dancing, thankyouverymuch. So we'll have to go back in a month or two.

I'm really looking forward to buying myself some dance shoes, both because I think it'll be good for my feet/knees, and because I've been really limiting myself on buying stuff in preparation for Guatemala, so it's kinda exciting to actually have a good reason to go shopping.

Now I should go shower, because I have to be out of the house early for a Mosaic Commons meeting, and we spring forward the clocks tonight.


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