ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Going West

This week, I bought my tickets to SF for Bay to Breakers, which means that I can keep waffling as much as I want, but like it or not, I'm going. Yay!

I'll be emailing those of you out there whose email addresses I have, 'cause I hope to see lots of you, but I'm posting here, too, because I know I'll overlook someone, possibly multiple someones.

I'm still ironing out details beyond my flights (Wednesday, May 16, midday - Tuesday, May 22, midday) and my plans to run Bay to Breakers on Sunday, May 20 in the morning. There's some noise being made about a possible picnic at the end of the race. Beyond all that, everything's up in the air. If you want to see me while I'm out there, drop me a line!
Tags: running, travel

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