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Knitting Fiend

We've replaced your regular aroraborealis with a hat knitting fiend. Let's see if anyone notices!

Yes, I finished another hat today! Very exciting! I was worried that I wouldn't have enough yarn, but that's just 'cause I need something to worry about when knitting. When I'm casting on, I have to worry about whether I've given myself enough of a tail. When I'm getting close to the end of the skein, I have to worry about when to start the new skein. When I'm knitting an item with an distinct end (ie, a hat rather than a scarf), I have to worry about whether I'll have enough, apparently. That's okay :)

I even have enough to make myself a little ear-warming headband kind of thing if I want. Which I should probably do since I don't really have enough of that yarn to do much else with it, and it's awfully nice!

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