ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Now this is my kind of meme! Borrowed from jordanwillow:

You know about pet peeves. Well, what about the opposite -- little things that make you really happy? Post 10 little happy things not in any particular order. Anyone reading this is invited to post their own!

1. The cat purring in anticipation before even being petted.
2. Green sunlight filtering through new leaves.
3. Stopping to smell flowers (and there being flowers to smell!) while walking around town.
4. Tasty wine and conversation.
5. Kids on the bike path staring in fascination at the red in my hair.
6. Compliments from random strangers out in the world.
7. Talking to someone with a really different perspective from mine who manages convey it enough for me to understand through their eyes, if only briefly.
8. My Diva Cup
9. Our back porch.
10. People.
Tags: memes

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