ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


I feel like I've packed five days into today. Possibly six, if you count my vivid dreams last night. It's all kind of blurring together now, which probably means bed is the right thing to do.

The surprise of the day, though, was walking along Market St after dinner, doing that "I'm in the city and invisible" fast walk while passing groups of people I didn't want to notice me, when I hear from behind me, "Rosa!?" Who should it be but someone I went to college with and who was in my fellowship program and who, of course, I haven't seen since I graduated. I'm kind of amazed he recognized me; I barely recognized him, and that was even after it was clearly established that we knew each other.

I love running into people like that. Though the 5 minute review of the past 8 years is always kind of weird.

Tomorrow, I will be more combobulated.
Tags: small world, travel

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