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running, running!

Between my knee troubles (runner's knee is the official word -- how classic is that?) and travel, it's been about a month since I've run at all. Despite several runners of my aquaintance assuring me that picking up running after a hiatus is entirely different from starting from scratch, I've been somewhat anxious about all the conditioning I've been losing. Not anxious enough to run when I couldn't do it in the right circumstances (no cement, must have ice available for my knees afterwards), because I figure it's always easier to regain condition than it is to replace a blown joint, but still.

So, today is my first day back in my running shoes, and it turns out, they're right! I've clearly lost ground, but that's to be expected, and my stopwatch died 8 minutes into my run, so all I can say for sure is that I ran 5 minutes and walked three. After that, I'm guestimating I did intervals of 7 running, 3 walking and 6 running, but who knows? The point, though, is that I can still run, I feel great, and my knees don't hurt at all. Yay!

I have exercises for my knees, which I'm doing slightly less frequently than would be ideal, but still within the range of what the PT said I should aim for, but even with only about 3 weeks of that, I can feel improvement, which probably also relates to not running for that time, too.

Anyway, I'm feeling good, and I'm glad that I didn't entirely forget how to run in my time off. It's silly, but I really was kind of worried about that.

Also, I got to try out my new summer running attire: a running skirt! It's awesome. I'm ordering more as soon as I click "post".
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