ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I'm having a weird time with life right now, but tonight was a good night. I showed up at ASL class only to discover that it doesn't restart until next week, so, instead, I had drinks with moominmolly, dilletante and laurenhat, which was just perfectly what I needed. We talked a lot about Burning Man, about which I'm getting increasingly excited. Woot!

Here's how the second half of my summer looks, though:

July 12-19: Wyoming
July 19-30: San Francisco area
July 30-August 3/4: possibly driving from SF to Columbus, OH (or maybe just flying home the 30th or maybe hanging out in SF until the 3rd or 4th)
August 10-12: Connecticut for wedding festivities
August 12-15: DC
August 25(ish)-September 3/4: Burning Man

Then I will either start grad school or get serious about figuring out What Next. Top contenders at the moment: 1) I flee the country for Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Antarctica for a year or two. 2) I flee to some gorgeous tropical island where I can tend bar on the beach. 3) ...?

laurenhat told me tonight that she thinks I'd be a great bartender, which is possibly the best compliment I've gotten in months!

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