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The Monkey-Wrench Girl

I always forget that others find me a lot more difficult to read than I think they do/should. I typically think of myself as pretty up-front/obvious about things like crushes, flirting, etc, but others' reactions, both spoken and unspoken, frequently remind me that this is not the case. At least it usually ends up being amusing rather than upsetting, at least once everything gets cleared up.

I'm in a funny place of having a few potential additions, both people and activities, to my life that could range from occassional to rather time-consuming, while simultaneously looking at my calendar wondering what I'm going to do with my one free weekend between now and the end of October.

Also, I'd like to start a serious job-search in the next month or so. This one gets duller and duller. I'm amazed my bosses don't realize how antsy I am to leave, but, then, I guess that gets me back to the first paragraph.

All in all, though, I'm feeling entirely happy with life at the moment. I think it's largely to do with having a home that feels good again.
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