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In December, when the big question as to whether my officemate and I should move from our larger, windowed office to a smaller office without windows in order to be closer to the rest of our group, we decided yes, because it's been weird to be far from the rest of the group, and visibility is good on so many levels. Well, we've finally gotten around to moving, but in the meantime, I've decided that I'm leaving the group sometime this summer. That makes the visibility gain a lot less compelling to me, so I'm feeling very pained to have to give up the window, especially since the weather has been so fabulous the past couple of days! So, now, here we are, in a perfectly serviceable office, that's just making me glum.

Of course, it doesn't help that I've been generally glum the past few days, with sparks of outrage over the ridiculous Mosaic conversation about identities, etc.

It's funny, because I've actually had some really nice social time with folks this week. Monday, Aileen and I got together and had dinner at Pho Pasteur (nice dinner other than unusually bad service -- such that I actually left what I consider to be a shamefully small tip, which is what was deserved, but I can't help feeling guilty about it) and then a very brief bit of shopping. I bought a handful of new socks, because I'm out of socks to wear at the moment and I don't know when I'm going to get to the laundromat (yikes!). I'm even considering taking my laundry to one of those wash/dry/fold places that I'm way to stingey to use, but, well, I do need clean clothes!

Yesterday, I had dinner with dbang at a thai place near my apartment, where the power was out for the first half of dinner! I love it when the power goes out -- it's always like some kind of special occassion when everything's just a little different, and I've never had that while out to dinner, so that was fun.

All my social stuff has been really nice and my mood during has felt pretty normal, but when I'm on my own, my baseline seems just a bit depressed. I go through this kind of phase from time to time, so I know it'll stop eventually, but it's hard when I'm in the middle of it.

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