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ruthless compassion

what I'm doing with my summer vacation

This has come up several times in conversation the last couple of days, so let me review my summer schedule all official-like. (If it doesn't happen on LJ, it doesn't happen, right?)

For the rest of the summer, I will be in Boston the following dates:

Now through July 12, midday, probably minus this coming weekend, assuming I go to Firefly.
August 5 (late) - August 10 (midday).
August 14 (evening) - August 25 or 26.

I will be back in Boston more or less full time starting September 3, since I start grad school September 4.

What I will be doing while I'm not in Boston:
July 12-19: Wyoming
July 19-30: Bay Area
July 30-August 5: Driving from CA to OH by way of Las Vegas.
August 10-12: CT
August 12-14: DC
August 25-Sept 3: Burning Man

If you don't have plans with me before I go and you want to, I might be able to squeeze you in, but please don't take it personally if not.
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