ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

So, I thought the whole bike/door saga was over at the end of last week with the final chapter being me and signsoflife going to the Somerville Police Station to file an accident report and being told that I couldn't file a report after making a financial settlement (Marcia, aka Ms Door had dropped off a money order at my house on Thursday night). I considered returning her money and filing a report and then decided I'd rather be done with the whole thing and put it all behind me.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I found on the dining room table yesterday an insurance agent's card with a note asking me to call him regarding last Wednesday's accident and a claim number. fraterrisus tells me it was stuck in the front door when he arrived home on Tuesday night. Obviously Marcia has filed an insurance claim. My hope is that this means I trashed her door. But I'm fretting that this means she's going to try to get money from me. Obviously, insurance guy wasn't in yesterday, so I'm now waiting for him to call me back.

Could she possibly be trying to get money from me? Wouldn't the insurance company, at least, look at the case and go, "No, this won't work."? But for what reason would an insurance guy show up at my door? Should I talk to a lawyer? Should I wait until after I hear from Mr. Insurance?

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