ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

new bike!

Today was my first day out on my new bike (this Raleigh hybrid from the super awesome qwrrty) after getting it tuned up at Ace over the weekend, and my review is:

It's great! It seems really a lot faster than my old bike. And it's fun! It's not as upright as the Schwinn, which is the only way it doesn't compare favorably, and I assume I'll get used to that. Also, it has toe clips! I... uh, well, I guess I'll figure out what those are for eventually, right? I mean, they're for my toes, obviously, but beyond that.

But it's fast! And smooth. And, it doesn't squeak like an old sofa. And it's red! (Well, maroon, but close enough.) I'm really happy. The first mile or so was kind of weird -- adjusting to a new bike and also feeling like, "Wait, last time I was on a bike, it didn't go well." But by mile 5, it was more like, "Oh, right, this is why I think this is a good way to get around!"
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