ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Normally, when I'm traveling for a month at a time, I'm going one place, with one-maybe-two styles of clothing needed, which means it's relatively easy to plan for it. I might need one dressy outfit and some outdoor clothes and a couple of day-to-day outfits, even if I'll be gone for four months.

This trip I'm starting tomorrow? Less so.

I need clothes for:
Wyoming casual (easy -- this is basic day-to-day clothes plus warm layers)
Wyoming wedding (special outfit)
General hanging out
Fancy dinners out (at least one, possibly as many as three)
Birthday party (mine, creative dressy, plus other stuff)
Other party (differently creatively dressy)
Driving across the country (comfy clothes, probably covered by day-to-day clothes)

And I should probably bring a swimsuit, just in case.

Well, hell, that shouldn't be so hard!
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