ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

After lunch with my mom, our next door neighbors (who were very nice in their insistence that I will go on and get a PhD after my Master's and who gave me a stack of excellent books on sustainability and community to read) and some of my folks' friends who have known me forever, I helped my dad inspect his new (this year) beehive, which is literally (no, really!) swarming with activity. Tomorrow, he'll put on a honey super, which is exciting and fun. I now, more than ever, want to start beekeeping.

Now, I'm sitting in the shade on the porch, listening to the magpies and finches and starlings. It's awfully nice.

Although I had the red in my hair this winter when I came home, no one particularly commented on it. This trip is a marked contrast; almost everyone has commented on it, most of them complimenting it while also managing to seem a little confused about how they're supposed to respond.

I do like it here. I think I'll mix myself a drink and dive into reading about Navigating Social-Ecological Systems.
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