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Good food: Masa's

A while back, there was a thread in someone's journal about places to have transcendent food experiences. I don't remember where the thread is, so hopefully, at least some of the people reading that thread also read my lj.

And then they can go to Masa's in San Francisco. Be sure to order the wine pairings and flirt with the amazing sommelier. But you'll want to go before kcatalyst and I figure out how to run away with him.

trom and I had the nine course tasting, while kcatalyst had the seasonal six course.


California Osetra Caviar with galia melon “bavarian,” guinean peppercorn glaze. This was like fluffy, creamy summer plus caviar.

Sweet corn custard with truffle. Corn and truffle, two classic favorites that I've never had together. The custard was rich, creamy, perfectly balanced with the mellow sweetness of corn, and the truffle layer on top was truffle while also somehow managing to be bright tasting. The whole combination was eye-crossingly good. This wasn't supposed to be part of our tasting menu, but there was some confusion, thank god, so we got it, anyway.

Crispy Skin Filet of Japanese Sea Bass. This had a squid ink sauce, and I'm a sucker for squid ink sauce, but in addition to being really outstanding, this course had the additional benefit of being paired with two Chardonnays, one Californian, which was very nice when we first tasted it, and one French, which made the Californian look like a goofy surfer dude. I don't normally like Chardonnay much, but I'll have to email my new friend Alan to ask him again about the name of this one.

Sweet Butter Poached Maine Lobster, ruby crescent potatoes, golden chanterelle mushrooms, summer truffle purée. Really, what more can I say about this? Well, I can say it really was as good as it sounds.

Seared foie gras with Bing Cherries. Like lobster, it's hard to go wrong with seared foie gras. The wine that went with this smelled like pineapple and tasted like a tropical party in your mouth.

Manjari chocolate-blackberry mousse, blackberry tea custard, chocolate decadence. Normally, I'm only "eh" on chocolate, but this was perfectly balanced between chocolate's sweetness and bitterness, plus the tart of the blackberry.

Of course, we also had some tasty cheeses, including an incredibly mild Epoisse (I don't think he believed me when I said I noticed how mild it was, but it really was!) and a delicious millefois (sp?) that I wanted to bring home with me.
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