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Boston Marathon Day! I love watching marathons -- not the elite runners who are fast and uninteresting, but the (sorta) regular people who write their names on their shirts and give you a thumbs up when you cheer for them. It's nice to be a block away from the course this year -- handy for a little mid-afternoon jaunt.

Having watched a bunch of marathon runners, and clapped until our hands were tired, etc, elizabeth and I walked back to the office. An REI just opened downstairs, so we thought we'd poke our heads in and look around before going back to work. We walk in the door, and there's a greeter, who exclaims, enthusiastically, "Rosa Carson!"

To which, I can only respond with a big mental "WHOA!" I look at her, look down to see if I'm wearing anything with my name on it (no), worry that REI has instand DNA recognition, look again at greeter, squint...


Yes, indeed, it was my 7th grade science teacher's daughter.

The world is a small, strange place.

(Note: I grew up in Wyoming, which is rather far from Boston. So did she.)

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