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From Green River, UT to Goodland, KS. We did not manage to get a meal in Green River, and our road food book didn't have anything useful to say about I-70 from there to here, so we didn't get anything interesting for lunch, either. We had high hopes for the diner down the street from our motel, but it turns out to be closed on what looks like a permanent basis, so Seth was delighted to get his first choice of McDonald's for dinner. Ahh, classic road food.

Tomorrow will be an easier day, as we're only going as far as Kansas City, which we estimate is about 6 hours from here. We'll have dinner and possibly spend the night with my best friend from high school. Wooty woot woot!

We drove through more gorgeous country today, skirting along the edges of Zion, Arches and Canyonlands, and, of course, through Summit County, CO. Tomorrow, I anticipate a whole heck of a lot of flat. Happily, it didn't start raining until a few minutes after we were safely ensconced in our room, which, as you can see, includes the internet.

I'm surprised and amused at how many places are advertising wifi as a feature -- visitor's centers, campgrounds, and motels (hooray!).

Finally, I leave you with a poll:

Poll #1031905 Who's driving?

You're on a roadtrip. Would you rather:

be driven
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