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Once again, anti-gay pressure groups are trying to make all legal protections for same-gender couples and their kids unconstitutional in Massachusetts. Even domestic partner benefits (which they refer to as "sex partner subsidies") would be banned.

Go to right now and speak up. In a few easy, automated steps, you can send an email to your elected officials.

The new anti-gay Constitutional Amendment (H. 3190) is just last year's defeated anti-gay amendment (H. 4840) with new words, a fresh coat of paint, and a promise that it's not quite as bad. But just like last year, it's a direct assault on marriage benefits, civil unions, domestic partner health insurance - even simple decencies like bereavement leave and survivor benefits.

Could something like this really pass now? Yes. Here's why:

The anti-gay "Massachusetts Family Institute" (one of the key lobbying groups behind last year's amendment, a group that refers to domestic partner benefits as "sex partner subsidies") is selling their new amendment as different, kinder, gentler. Learning from last year's defeat, they avoided using the word "benefits" in their new bill, and convinced
Rep. Phil Travis (D-Reheboth) to file it. But moving words around doesn't always change meaning.

Under H.3190, anything that might give same-sex couples and their kids the "equivalent" of marital status at certain times and places will be banned (for example, when they get domestic partner health insurance at work, or ask for family emergency leave, or apply for survivor benefits).

Please click on and urge your legislators to oppose H. 3190. Tell them you know that it's not really different from last year's anti-gay amendment, and it ought to be defeated just as resoundingly. Also, please pass this email on to friends and family who might want to speak up. It works. Thank you.


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