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dude. *flop*

My day in review:

Started in a crappy hotel room, but soon left to enjoy post-wedding brunch and do last catching up with friends. This was great. The drive back to Boston was 45 minutes shorter than the drive down, thanks to a lack of traffic, hooray!

At home, I had two full hours during which I was able to water the herbs I got at the wedding. (The centerpieces were potted herbs, and those of us who weren't flying home were exhorted to take as many as the MOB could convince us to take. I now have one rosemary, one thyme and two lavender plants!)

T to the airport took longer than it should have, resulting in raised blood pressure when the security line turned out to be an hour long. After waiting half and hour (so, 15 minutes before my flight), I asked if I could get moved to the front of the line. I was, and then was pulled out of line because I'd forgotten to empty my SIGG bottle. In other airports, when this has happened (yes, I forget that a lot), they've dumped the water into a bucket they keep behind the screening table. Of course, in Boston, they don't do that, so I was told I'd have to go back through. Which is just what they needed, since they were being so efficient with the line and all. I begged my way to the front of the line a second time and got through minutes before my flight was to depart...

Only to discover that my flight was delayed. Sorry, nice lady who let me jump the queue!

Many delays later, we land in DC, where something I've never seen before, and, frankly, will be surprised if I ever see again happened: The entire plane of people terminating in DC waited for people making tight connections to deplane before general deplaning. I've heard flight attendants request this on other flights, but I've never seen it work. It was a thing of communal friendliness and beauty that replenished my hope in the goodness of people.

Finally, I made it to my new hotel, which is fucking awesome. My room is enormous, and it's on the top floor, and all the furniture is comfy, and they left me M&Ms in a cute tray, and a little note welcoming me. I *heart* Kimpton hotels.

Then they brought me tasty food, and my boss just called to say, "Why would you go to the conference for the opening remarks at 8? Why don't we plan to meet during the break at 10, instead?"

So, all in all, I'd say today's a winner, even if there's no hope for TSA.
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