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MBTA changes

I went out to dinner with a bunch of people tonight who were kind enough to let me rant about what I don't like about the recent changes to the MBTA, and that made me realize I hadn't ranted here about it. So, without further ado:

Let me start by saying that I like the fare cards, and I like being able to charge them up on my credit card, and, in general, I'm fine with that sort of system. Of course, the MBTA implementation of them bites, but what else is new? Also, I object to the tiered fare structure based on whether you have a CharlieCard vs. CharlieTicket.

But, that's not really my biggest peeve about it. My biggest peeve is the new gates. We used to have your standard turnstile, which, after you drop your token in, would unlock and allow you to push through. Now, we have automatic plastic "doors" that vwoop open after you pay or when you're exiting. In the old system, the energy for passing through came from you. In the new system, it comes from... electricity. Which is a really great idea, since energy is so cheap and plentiful and we know we're going to have more than enough for the foreseeable future. Oh, wait, what's that you say? Energy costs are going up. Well, shee-it.

Furthermore, I see these gates as an implicit move against turnstile jumping and other dodges of the payment structure, and it boggles me that we hate poor people so much that we would rather pay however much money it cost to buy and install all these completely idiotic and shortsighted gates so we could make it harder for people to dodge the fare.

Also, the gates open too slowly, so if you're the first to exit through them, you walk up to it and then have to pause, rather than just walking through. So you're not even saving that in not having to turn the stile yourself.


I was joking that unamerican must have a "America hates poor people" sticker. Or, surely, if not, if I say I want to order some larger number of them to plaster on the gates, they would start making them? Then spike pointed out that what I really ought to do is create some PDFs that people can print out themselves and spread the effort around. Tempting.
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