ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Blind dance: music!

First half:
Northern Bound - Bruno Coulais
Pai Theme - Lisa Gerrard
Fleece On Brain - Matthew Dear
Sun, Moon, and Stars - Theivery Corporation
Grey Love (Short Ver.) - 8bitpeoples
Yellow Blaze - Alien Project
Passion Dance - Jon Gregory
Going Back To Israel - The Irish Experience
No Gravity - Astrix
Ocean Trance - ATB
Cream - Blank And Jones
Vivid - Theivery Corporation

Second half:
The Hunted - Kodo
Rumeurs - Cirque du Soleil
Rise - Safri Duo
Baby Lion - Shriekback
slopehaarvist - Stic Basin
Aztechno Dream (Rmx) - Alien Project
Tabla Rise - Blood And Fire
Wing-Stock - Ashley MacIsaac
Harem - The R.E.G. Project
Tags: dance

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