ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Burning Man!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I'll leave the wilds of the internet for the wilds of air travel and then on to Burning Man!

Saturday, August 25, BOS - Sacramento, spend the night and next morning there, shopping. I'll be available by phone until sometime in the mid- to late-afternoon, when we disappear off to the playa.

Sunday, August 26 - Monday, Sept 3: Burning Man! In the unlikely chance that you urgently need to reach me, the thing to do is to email with the message. Include with it my name, my camp name (Snack Food Glory Hole) and address (Grasslands and 3:00). But don't expect a fast response :)

Monday, Sept 3, sometime in the afternoon, we'll be back in Sacramento, and I'll be back in phone contact. I take the redeye back to Boston, arriving just before 6AM the 4th, hopefully getting home before 7, which is still not quite enough time to take a nap before going to my first class that morning at 9. And then my second class at 1:30. And my third at 6. Possibly, sometime during the day I will start to catch up on email and the like, but odds are... not so much. I expect to sleep like the dead Tuesday night and actually return to the world on Wednesday.
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