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I just finished reading Slow River by Nicola Griffith. This was the first book by Griffith I've read, despite having been recommended Ammonite, which I will promptly go out and get, now that I've thoroughly enjoyed Slow River.

A speculative near-future identity mystery, Slow River opens at a fork in the life of the protagonist, Lore, and follows her path, in three separate narratives: the present, the near past, and the childhood past. The world is close enough to the present to feel familiar, and unfamiliar enough to feel like the future.

I have no sense at all of how realistic the details of the story and plot are, but the characters rang true, and it was one of those books that grabbed me from the first few pages, and I actually missed a bus stop while reading near the end because I was so entranced. That's always a good sign!

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