ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Depending on how I count, I feel like I've been running at top speed for a month, or for four. This was the first weekend in a long time that I've taken a big chunk of concentrated time for myself, and I canceled some plans I was really excited about to do so. Instead of going to the Common Ground fair in Maine, which I've been wanting to make it to for years, but I always have other plans the weekend of it, I decided on Friday morning that I should spend the weekend at home.

So I did. Yesterday, I split my time between cooking and homework, and today I split it between homework and cleaning my room. My room still looks like a disaster zone, but a disaster zone with a floor, and I have a bag of clothing to give to goodwill. My homework for the first half of the week is done, other than needing to schedule a phone interview for a case study.

I feel... refreshed. Some of my angst and upset from last week was resolved by an email exchange with one of my professors toward the end of the week. I'm really excited about being in school, and I'm really excited about almost all of my classes, but adjusting is... well, unsurprisingly, it's taking time. I was thinking only about the logistics of being back in school, but I'm finding that the mental shift to thinking of myself as a student, rather than as someone who's just fitting a few classes into her busy life is surprisingly big. I'll probably be finishing it right around the time I graduate. Ah, well.

Much of the rest of my angst was resolved by you all and your great cheering comments -- thank you! I loved seeing the variety of topics and approaches you all thought would perk me up.

So, today I'm feeling... better. I think there's still a lot swirling around, but it seems a lot more manageable after this weekend. Plus, I redyed my hair, which is strangely grounding and refreshing.

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