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goals and projects

Another thing I haven't updated you all on is my 100 days project, which was a big flop. You may recall that my goal was to give something away every day for 100 days. I really do think that was a great idea, and I also know exactly why I failed. It's not that I don't have 100 things to give away. I do. More than that, probably by a lot. The problem is that I never really figured out how to manage the transaction. There's no good social code for, "Hi! I have this thing that I don't need anymore, but it's still nice/useful/fun/cool. Would you like to have it?"

Also, this wasn't a good plan while traveling, because it meant that I would have had to pack extra things to give away on my trips! Talk about complicating my packing life!

So, I settled for giving lots of things to goodwill and big brothers/big sisters and let myself off the hook.

I have a couple of other ideas for 100 days projects, the most likely of which, at the moment, is to ask for something I want every day. The other, which is related, would be to do something that scares me every day. But that's a little harder to arrange. Though asking for what I want can be scary, so maybe they're the same project!

In non-100 days project news, though, I've decided I want to stop using my clothes dryer. To that end, I brought my nice wooden drying rack up to the back porch today and tried it out. The big benefit of it being so hot today is that my clothes dried really fast! Woot!

My house has a big pole in the back yard that's pretty clearly intended for a clothesline, but the pulley system is no longer intact. (I think, anyway -- it's hard to tell in the dark.) I have no idea how hard it will be to set it up to be a usable clothesline, but... I hope it won't be hard! Either that or my roommates will become accustomed to my laundry being draped over the railing every couple of weeks.
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