ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I feel fucking awesome! I love running.

We did not manage to run the Armenian Hustle tonight, due to traffic, parking in the wrong place, and generally being off the mark for the race. But! We did get down to the river and run for a while, and it was beautiful and nice. We also eventually found the site of the race, and only 8 minutes after the start, and we got to watch some people finish. We didn't stay for dinner, which smelled amazing, but, you know, it's hard to eat after running (though 45 minutes later, I polished off a huge handful of peanuts and chocolate chips.)

I'd never run by the river before, and it was really great! I now wish (again) that I lived nearer to it, since one of the things that keeps me running is how incredibly convenient and easy it is to do it right out my front door. moominmolly suggested we could do longer weekend runs along the river this fall and winter, which is an idea I love.

Also, tonight reminded me that a) running a race is exciting and fun, and I should do that more, and b) races are great motivators, so I should pick a few for this fall and winter to aim for them as fun little treats and nudges in the ribs. Yay!

Man, I really need a running icon.
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