ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

The plan for today:

7:30 get up
8:00 leave house for Roxbury
9:15 - 11:45 class in Roxbury
12:15ish lunch with former boss
3:00ish home, working on paper

What actually happened:

6:30 wake up
7:00 give in an get out of bed
7:15 fret about timing and how I'm getting there
7:17 print map in case I get lost
7:40 leave house
8:55 take wrong turn after disembarking from bus
9:05 discover wrong turn, retrace steps
9:13 arrive at meeting place (good thing I left early)
9:15-12 class
12:40 lunch with former boss
2-3:30 travel home
4ish exhausted, don't want to work on paper

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