ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Hair yesterday, hair today

Years ago, as many of you may recall, I had super long hair -- down to my butt! But a little more than three years ago, I cut most of it off and donated it to...

Well, there was some confusion about the best place to donate it, because Locks of Love was starting to get a bit of a bad reputation, and there were a few other options, and I really meant to look into the best of them and send my hair off, but I got wrapped up in other things, and I kept meaning to do it, and then...

The other day, I found the bag with my long ponytail in it! And while I wasn't at all sentimental about my hair when I got it cut, suddenly, I find myself reluctant to part with it! But what am I going to do with a slightly tangled ponytail? It's not like you can put it on display or something. And isn't it weird to keep my old hair, anyway? And where would I keep it? Maybe in a nice box?

But, no, I really should get rid of it. Hair is good in compost, for example...

But it's kinda pretty, and look how long...!

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