ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Because this just makes me happy...

I have to share this post from Emergent Chaos, which links to this story at the BBC about sheep outsmarting the barriers people put in their way.

Hungry sheep on the Yorkshire moors have taught themselves to roll 8ft (3m) across hoof-proof metal cattle grids - and raid villagers' valley gardens.


Dorothy Lindley, a Conservative councillor in the former textile town on the edge of the Pennine uplands in West Yorkshire, said: "They lie down on their side, or sometimes their back, and just roll over and over the grids until they are clear.

Of the improperly grazing sheep, one resident says, "When you try to move them on they look at you as if to say it is their patch and you are not right in the head."

Seriously, this makes me unreasonably happy.
Tags: nature wins

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