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Yesterday was a nearly perfect day. I woke up earlier than I'd like with a busy mind gnawing on stressors, but otherwise, it was a great day. I had a mellow morning before heading to Somerville to meet up with Aileen and pir for brunch at Sound Bites. If you have never had breakfast at Sound Bites, I highly recommend it. I haven't been in years, sad to say, but it was as tasty as I remember! I had tomato and asparagus eggs benedict. Yum!

Then Aileen and I went SHOPPING! I was on a hunt for summer dresses and new curtains for the apartment to help keep it cool this summer. Unfortunately, I found neither of these things. I did get some new undies (mmm, jockey!) a cooling neck pillow and some duct tape, though, so it wasn't a total loss. We finished the afternoon with a visit to Diesel (mmm, rusty slide!) and then she dropped me off at Kristin and Josh's place, where they were hosting a dinner party for Josh's bday (tomorrow) and to eat the top of their wedding cake.

Dinner was really wonderful -- I don't spend enough time with my college buddies, and when I do get together with them, I'm reminded that I should make more of an effort to see them more regularly. So, I will *nods* I'm also starting to get excited about our 5th year reunion, which is this June -- it'll be fun to be back on campus; in some ways, I really miss Williamstown. Maybe I can talk kcat and razil into starting our farm somewhere in western MA.

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