ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Halloween at An Undisclosed Location

I friggin' love Halloween in this neighborhood.

I grew up in a rural neighborhood where houses are far apart. When I was little, one of my parents or a parent of a friend would bundle a bunch of us into the car and drive us from driveway to driveway, allowing us to only half to walk half as far between the houses. This was great fun, but once I was older, I arranged things such that I usually spent the night at a friend's house -- in town -- so we could go to the neighborhoods where the houses were, you know, right next door to each other.

Here at An Undisclosed Location, the houses are right next door to each other and (and I don't know how this happened) our street has a reputation for being an awesome place to trick or treat. This leads to people driving from miles around to bring their kids here, which leads to greater and greater excesses on the part of the neighbors, which leads to it being an even better place to trick or treat, which... well, you can see how that vicious cycle works. It's great.

So the street fills up with kids and parents, and it has the sound of a party, and there are lines of kids, at times, waiting their turn to go up to the next house, and people laugh and smile and chat and pass out invitations for a neighborhood potluck, and a guy dressed in chains directs traffic, and the whole thing is a huge blast.

totient, who keeps track on his trusty counter, reports that we had 264 trick or treaters this year, up from last year's record of (according to totient's post from last year. You can see his log of this year's activity here.

I really do think we should just get the city to close the street next year, or do it ourselves with a sawhorse and a person in a grim reaper outfit. And, yeah, maybe next year I'll think ahead enough to have people over for a candy-handing-out party. Because it really is a friggin' blast.

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