ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

a north carolina interlude

The Charlotte, NC airport is surprisingly nice. It's got a lot of nice shops, which, though I'm not buying anything here (other than gelato. Mmm, gelato!) makes it sort of interesting to wander around.

Unfortunately, the bookstore is lame. Not that I expect airport bookstores to be City Lights, but they're normally more than bestsellers, business and self-help books. Not this one. Though it did have one interesting feature: a Black Culture section. They didn't label it at all, and it was all the same sorts of books that the rest of the store had, but all of the people on the covers were black rather than white. And, of course, in the rest of the store, all the people on the covers were white. Fascinating.

In other news, my hair garners a much higher concentration of comments around here than it does in Boston. Three comments in two hours. Also, I saw a woman whose hair I covet: it's bleached to bright almost-white, braided into loops that are piled sculpturally on top of her head. WANT!!

And now, my flight to Columbus is boarding. Yay!
Tags: narcissism, travel

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